Daily Topic for August 10, 2013

Romans 5:18-19
... even so by the righteousness of One the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. ... so by the obedience of One shall many be made righteous.

Paul says here that justification is a free gift due to Jesus’ sinlessness and His substitutionary atoning death. With justification comes righteousness, and that righteousness leads to eternal life (v. 21). Thus Christ is the Second Adam—what the First Adam should have been-obedient. In another letter, Paul says Jesus was obedient in allowing Himself to be crucified. In India, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists deny Jesus’ sacrificial death. Some Muslims claim Jesus was never crucified, while Buddhists and Hindus sometimes say Jesus’ bad karma killed him.

Pray that the peoples of South Asia like the Hajjams will come to accept and embrace the reality of Jesus’ sacrificial death on their behalf, and thereby obtain eternal life as a gift.

Hajjam People of Gurgaon City

by PE

Badiah served the steaming beef and vegetables to her husband and two sons with an irritated sigh. “My sons, you are going to the shop. Don’t complain, for it is your blood-destiny.” Their questioning eyes turned to their father.

Arif leaned back, looking at them squarely. “God himself ordered Gabriel to shave Adam in order to teach him the art. Adam passed the skill to the prophet Solomon who is the father of the Hajjam. That is why our people are barbers and hairdressers. Ours is a respected caste, and you are lucky to be born into it.”

“How do you know this, father?” blurted out one of the boys. “Because it is written in the manual of our art. You must not complain about going to our shop every day and learning our occupation. Next to being good Sunni Muslims, the most important thing you can do is respect our traditions. Just think, we used to be alongside dusty roads, but now we are in this glorious Gurgaon City with electricity, skyscrapers, and wide highways. Some day you might go to business school to better run our shop.”

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Pray urgently for this strategic people group. Their connections among all Muslim groups is far-reaching and influential. They have the ear of politicians and powerful people as well as the common man. Pray that the bonds of Islam will fall away in the presence of the gospel, and that they may hear it, believe it, accept it, and share it with other Muslims.

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