Daily Topic for August 08, 2013

Romans 4:17
As it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations."

This was God’s promise to childless Abraham. Abraham believed God and had many sons, although the covenant went only through Isaac and his descendants through Jacob (Israel) and his sons. But God’s promise went way beyond the patriarchs Isaac and Jacob. It went to the nations, to “us also to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe in him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead.” It is not enough to say, “We have Abraham for our father.” One must believe that Father Abraham’s God raised Jesus from the grave to reconcile us to Himself (verses 24-25). That is incumbent upon all nations.

Pray that the Dhanuk people will come to believe in the resurrected Christ as their Savior.

Dhanuks from Gurgaon City

Shaheena trotted along the path from the edge of Gurgaon, making her way to work as a servant for a large landowner. Although Dhanuks like Shaheena are of a low caste, they are considered clean, so higher castes can accept water and services from them.

She stopped to stare at the main gate to her neighbor’s house. It was littered with jujube branches and castoff shoes to scare away the ghosts. She mumbled, “The baby was born! Mother must have delivered him, so I’ll ask her about it when I get home tonight. I want to sacrifice a male goat and chant spells over the baby so he will have good luck.”

Shaheena is influenced by Hinduism, but she relies heavily on her traditional beliefs in magic, witchcraft, and ghosts. She has no knowledge of the Savior who loves her, and she has no believing neighbors in Gurgaon to tell her the good news. Child labor, poverty, illiteracy, and alcoholism among the men are all part of the hopelessness of her world.

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Pray that the dark spirits that oppress their lives will be bound and cast down in Jesus’ name. Pray that Dhanuk hearts will be opened to the promise of the gospel as it is presented to them. Pray that God will call His children to go to the Dhanuks, and that His light will come to this dark place.

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