Daily Topic for August 04, 2013

Romans 2:11
For there is no respect of persons with God. For as many as have sinned apart from the law shall also perish apart from the law; and as many have fallen short of the law shall be judged by the law´┐Ż.

In verse three, Paul notes that those who judge men will themselves be judged by God. In verse 12, he says that with or without the Law of God, people shall be judged. We know that all come up short of God’s will and glory (3:23). Everyone needs Jesus and the forgiveness of our sins He provides them.

Pray that the Brahmins will seek salvation in Jesus and not rely on keeping any kind of law as a way to righteousness. Pray they will realize that the Law is a judge, not a means towards salvation.

Brahmins of Gurgaon City

by EJD

The punishing August sun in Gurgaon City drove people into the shops and offices that flanked the thoroughfare. Opposite the colorful window display of a sari store stood the imposing municipal office. The dull red Victorian building, with its white columns and wide verandas, was a relic from British colonial days.

Out of its grand entrance emerged a man in his 20s. He sighed, forced himself to raise his head, and threaded his way around the hawkers that lined the street. One persistent vendor on wheels, seeing the sweat run down his ruddy cheeks, beckoned him to buy a bottle of “ice-cold-juice.” Tempted as he was, the young man looked away. He felt the coins clanging in his pocket. He knew he could either buy the juice and walk home or he could ride the bus. Murmuring under his breath, he thought he should not have to make such a choice.

Even though he was born into a poor Brahmin family, he had worked hard in school. He was now a college graduate. However, he was still not able to find a decent job. Everywhere he applied, he was turned down because he was from a privileged caste. Even though Brahmins are socially privileged in India, they are sometimes economically marginalized and have trouble finding work.

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Pray for believers to reach out to the Brahmins of Gurgaon City, a people who remain isolated from other communities on account of the belief in their own superiority.

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