Daily Topic for August 02, 2013

Romans 1:3
Concerning his Son Jesus Messiah our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; ....

Jesus is central to Paul’s new understanding of the Old Testament. The prophecy of Jesus ties it together and unites it with the New Testament. Jesus is God’s Son, the promised Davidic king. Here in verse three, Jesus is central and Christology is of the utmost importance. Christology defines the good news. If Jesus is simply a good person whose example we are to follow, why not follow another? If the Christ is but one of many gods, then why not worship others? If Jesus is only one of the prophets, then why not listen to Mohammed? But if Jesus is the Lord’s anointed One of David’s line and Son of God, then He alone is worthy of our devotion. He is God incarnate.

Pray that missionaries will be true to who Jesus is.

Missionary Biography, Continued

by KC

“We may not agree with what Dr. Jones is saying, but we can certainly all try to be like Jesus Christ.” Thus said an Indian leader as E. Stanley Jones began to speak before a crowd in urban India. Jones took the message of Christ to India’s major cities at evangelistic crusades as well as universities. He initiated “round table conferences” where people from different religious persuasions gathered to give their testimonies of how their religious experiences changed their lives. Some came to refute the gospel or to explain why their religion was the best, but others came to accept Christ.

In 1925 Jones wrote a book called, “The Christ of the Indian Road” that sold over a million copies. It was the first of 30 books that he wrote. According to one web site, his books have been “read around jungle fires, studied by armies and governments, quoted in parliaments, and banned and burned by Communists.” Jones commented, “If reconciliation is God’s chief business, it is ours-between man and God, between man and himself, and between man and man.” He did much to reconcile different religious communities, but the Communists were a different matter. Perhaps part of their objection to Jones was his 1935 book entitled, “Christ’s Alternative To Communism.”

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Pray that today’s missionaries will understand their role in bringing about reconciliation between man and God.

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