Daily Topic for July 30, 2013

Matthew 9:36
When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.

Jesus knows our loneliness. Jesus is the Good Shepherd! He is not indifferent to our needs, but has great compassion for us. He Himself cares deeply for everyone, and He wants to teach us how to care for one another as we enter His kingdom family and learn how to love.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will help the new believers to realize that the Lord God Almighty is now their Abba (Daddy). Pray that they will understand that they are not alone and no longer unwanted, but chosen and cherished.

Local Pioneer and Cross-cultural Workers

by RW

Brother Sun and his wife Rose are a Han Chinese couple who have moved up into the mountains. For years, they made trips into the Tibetan areas, sharing and establishing relationships with Tibetan families, some of whom are believers in Christ. They had to fight with their local fellowship for years to get support to move. After all, there were so many needs at home in their own church fellowship, and so many lost people in their own city. Eventually they were released to go and serve the QST people they had been called by God to love. The young Tibetan believers desperately needed discipleship. Brother Sun and Rose praise God for making the way!

Emily is a QST believer who has been sent out from her home fellowship to move to another province where there are people who speak her language. It is hard for her to live so far from her family as a “sent one,” especially since the church among her people group is still very young and growing. Yet she was compelled to go! If she did not, who would tell them? And how much better for them to hear the Word of God from her, someone from the same ethnic group who could explain to them the gospel in their own language.

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Pray that God would provide everything necessary for all local pioneer and cross cultural missionaries. Pray that they will be supported by their home fellowships and have great fruitfulness among the unreached.

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