Daily Topic for July 22, 2013

Matthew 7:29
He taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.

The scribes taught the Word of God. Jesus spoke the Word of God as God incarnate. And from the previous verse, we know that the crowds were astonished. This is a reminder that Jesus proved Himself to be God’s Son, not only by His teachings, but also by His authority. Perhaps people were beginning to wonder if this was the long-awaited Messiah. From there, Matthew moves into the miracles of Jesus, which proved His divinity to many others who saw His power.

As they hear the Word of God, pray that Tibetan Buddhists will put their faith in the One who taught with authority and power.

Muli (moo-lee) County

by KH

“Here people live and die without the slightest knowledge of the outside world,” commented National Geographic explorer Joseph Rock of Muli in 1929. Rock’s writings of the Kingdom of Muli inspired the world’s first paperback novel, Lost Horizon, written about a mysterious lama-king ruling magical “Shangri La.” Nearly a century later the ancient Kingdom of Muli has only recently been re-discovered by western anthropologists and linguists. It remains one of the most ethnically diverse and isolated regions in China.

Muli County is home to a complex web of languages and cultures. Located in southern Sichuan’s Liangshan Prefecture, Muli is officially a Tibetan Autonomous County. Tibetan religion and culture pervade this area, but it is also home to large numbers of Yi (Nosu) and other unreached people groups like the Sichuan Mongols. During the next few days, five unreached Qiangic-Speaking Tibetan peoples found in Muli will be highlighted: the Namuyi, the Mosuo, the Ersu, the Shixing, and the Northern Pumi. Though Muli County is considered backwards and forgotten, its peoples are like a beautiful tapestry designed for the glory of the Lord and the beauty of the Bride of Christ. God is raising up a group of His children to bring the Word of God to the ancient Kingdom of Muli!

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God would send believers from many nations to tell the good news of God’s love to this needy region. Pray that God would use the few young Muli believers there as the seeds through which He grows His church.

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