Daily Topic for July 21, 2013

Matthew 7:24
"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock."

Sometimes in the Church we are raised to think that hearing and understanding the truth means that we “believe” in Christ. But the storms in life expose the true nature of our belief or our doubt! It is not simply hearing Jesus’ words, but putting them into practice that plants that house on a rock, not sand. Sometimes it is the storms that solidify untested truth into solid conviction. Do not fear the shaking; let it take you to the place with the Father so that the “sandy” areas become the solid rock!

Pray that we will believe everything in His Word so much that we will never be shaken.

Muya People

by RW

Wangmu thrashed back and forth making guttural noises in her throat. Her eyes rolled in her head, and her father and brothers struggled to keep her flailing arms pinned down as she bared her teeth and convulsed. The lama brought the Tibetan scriptures and the medallion of the Panchen Lama to her and pressed them to her forehead. Eventually she calmed down. This was not the first episode, nor would it be the last. But her family believed that the relics of Tibetan Buddhism helped to subdue the evil spirit when the fits came. It was frightening, but manageable.

Speakers of Muya like Wangmu are dispersed in an arc around the mighty 7,556m Gongga Mountain, the king of Sichuan’s mountains. The large ethnic group inhabiting that area today is still known as the Muya people, though only about 15,000 of them still primarily speak the Muya language. These Muya only speak the Sichuan dialect of Chinese or Kham when they need to communicate with outsiders. They are mostly farmers, though a few are nomads. The eastern and western dialects are linguistically related, but are sufficiently different as to be mutually unintelligible to those who speak them.

The Muya generally are very devout Tibetan Buddhists, and there is a monastery at Bajida where the monks all speak Muya.

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Pray for the Muya people who are accustomed to suffering from spiritual bondage and fear. May the light of the gospel defeat all the powers of darkness that hold them!

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