Daily Topic for July 17, 2013

Matthew 6:25-27
" do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?"

The degree to which we trust that this promise is true has very much to do with the kind of Father we believe Him to be. Throughout the gospels we can see Jesus bringing revelation of the Father. In His teaching we hear Him say in essence, “You only thought you knew what the Father is like! See, He is far kinder, more merciful, more loving, more patient, and more compassionate than you thought! Look at me and see Him; I am here to show you what He is like.”

Thank Him that He is the perfect Father. Pray that He will keep teaching us who He really is, so that we can believe all of His promises.

Nyarong (aka, Xinlong Minyak)

by RW

What a disaster! Huardan had decided at last to try to sell his guns. He had known for quite some time that they were illegal, and that if he was caught with them he would be in big trouble. His family had hidden them for years, but in recent days this member of the Nyarong people had been getting more and more concerned that he would be discovered. He found a buyer, and everything looked great-but then the buyer sold him out to the police! Now he was facing a two-year prison sentence.

Recent research by the linguist Suzuki has confirmed the whereabouts of around 1000 speakers of Xinlong-Muya, the language of the Nyarong people. These people live in remote western Sichuan, adjacent to the Queyu people and surrounded by the Kham.

There is a large and important Tibetan Buddhist monastery in this area where many monks study, live, and do their work. There are no known believers, no portions of the Word, and no one currently focusing on this people group there.

Although the Nyarong people are remote and hidden from the world, they are not hidden from God. He knows every hair on their heads and each of them by name.

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Pray that He will send them believers to tell them about His great love and His passionate desire to be in relationship with them.

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