Daily Topic for July 14, 2013

Matthew 6:20-21
"But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Where have we invested ourselves? On what have we spent our money, our time, our energy? What is our heart’s desire? It is natural and not wrong to take pride in our work, to enjoy watching programs flourish, to grow a business, to decorate and make a house a home. Yet all those things could be gone in an instant. A fire, a lawsuit, a pink slip, a storm sometimes calamity brings clarity to the things that are really important. In all our tasks, jobs, projects, and programs, we come in contact with people headed for glory and some headed for destruction.

Pray that He will help us to treasure the things He does, so that we can spend our lives on what is important to God.

sTau People

It’s fun to be a boy! No one expects much of boys. Everybody agrees boys are wild and naughty, but girls are obedient and hardworking. His parents scold him, but he doesn’t care. After all, his parents never went to school. They couldn’t even read. He preferred running down the mountain paths winding through their village, climbing fences to sneak fruit from the neighbor’s tree, or chasing the cows up the mountain to graze.

None of the Qiangic Speaking Tibetan (QST) groups have schools that teach classes in the language of the sTau people; they have to learn a second language to get an education. First grade students often don’t understand what their teachers are saying. Those that persist eventually learn, but they are disadvantaged, starting off behind the other students that know the teacher’s language. Many quit school because they feel stupid. Some drop out and return to farming because their families cannot afford school fees, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. Those that succeed in the system often find themselves living and working far from their home villages. The sTau people encounter the same pressures as the other QST.

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Pray for this generation of children. The culture, language, and values of the world they are entering are vastly removed from that of their parents. They have great potential to help connect their people to the rest of the modern world. Pray that God will use these bridges to bring their people into the Kingdom of God.

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