Daily Topic for June 30, 2013

Leviticus 19:18
Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

Today we are praying for the Konjo Pegunungans, a people noted for holding grudges. In our human, fallen ways, it is very easy to hold relationship-destroying grudges. In His wisdom, love, and sovereignty, the Lord offers something far better: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Pray that this message of love and reconciliation will soon penetrate the hearts of the Konjo Pegunungan people so that they can experience the freedom and peace that was originally intended for mankind.

Konjo Pegunungan People

“If only I had insisted that Zul come with me to our neighbor’s home!” lamented Lili. The girl could not shake the shame and stabbing guilt she felt. She recalled the awful moment her younger brother, Zul, had fallen from the aged palm tree. Zul had been left in Lili’s care while her mother spent several days away at a relative’s funeral in a neighboring Konjo Pegunungan village. How could she ever forgive herself? How could her mother ever forgive her? Konjo Pegunungan people are known to take offense quickly and to hold grudges deeply.

Lili recalled how she initially rushed Zul to the local dukun. The dukun prepared a concoction of crumbled Qur’anic verses ground to a fine powder added to holy water from Mecca. “Take your brother home, force him to drink this mixture, then let Allah determine his fate,” admonished the dukun. Two days passed since Zul was injured, and nothing had changed. Finally, Lili mustered the courage to go against the dukun. Lili secured a public minibus to escort her frail brother to the local government health clinic.

Pray for spiritual breakthroughs among the Konjo Pegunungan. Pray for a hunger for the righteousness, mercy, and forgiveness of Christ to rise up among the Konjo Pegunungan people. Pray for church planting movement equipped national laborers to be sent among the Konjo Pegunungan.-RA

150,000 Muslims, less than 100 believers

Status: Unengaged in a church planting movement (CPM) effort

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Location: Southern Sulawesi

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