Daily Topic for June 29, 2013

Daniel 1:2
And the Lord delivered Jehoiakim, king of Judah, into his hand, along with some of the articles from the temple of God. These he carried off to the temple of his god in Babylonia.

Tragedy strikes. The chosen nation goes into exile. But in Daniel we also see something exciting happening. Throughout this book, one message is trumpeted clearly: God is still on the throne! Five times in succeeding chapters the power of God is displayed which causes the most powerful leader in the world to acknowledge Yahweh’s sovereignty in the affairs of men and nations. God’s intention here is that all men learn to recognize that although the heathen rage and the kings of the earth take their stand against the Lord and His anointed, He still reigns triumphant.

Pray that the Lord will teach us to see His sovereign hand behind the affairs of men and nations.

Campalagian People

Devastation awaited restoration. Ina lingered for a bit as we concluded our art therapy sessions for villagers traumatized by the recent floods. The exacting lines sculpting Ina’s leathery skinned face revealed the harshness of life in this fertile farmland area of southern Sulawesi. I felt led to ask her privately if she was a reader, and she nodded. I asked her if she had ever read of the beauty and splendor of Jesus the Savior from the gospels. Animatedly, Ina confided her desire to hear more about the life of Jesus. She shared with me that many years ago a man with a Muslim background came to her Campalagian village and declared himself a follower of Jesus. Ina recalled that she had received a glimpse of the life of Christ through a brief discussion of the gospels with him. She noted that many others in her village had gathered with this man at the time. However, as Ina commented, that opportunity to learn more of Jesus the Savior seemed very long ago. (adapted from the book, Sumbi Life)

Pray for national church planting movement laborers to be sent to the Campalagian people. Pray for laborers to find the persons of peace who will introduce them to Muslim households that are receptive to the Word of God. Pray for laborers to be raised up who will walk in the humility and power of the Holy Spirit.-RA

66,000 Muslims, no believers

Status: Unengaged in a church planting movement (CPM) effort

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Location: Southern Sulawesi

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