Daily Topic for June 12, 2013

Romans 10:3
Since they did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establish their own, they did not submit to God's righteousness.

People are very good at attempting to create God in their own image. Since we have a fallen nature, we can easily try to view God as being as wicked as we are. Such is the situation for the jihadists who use the Name of the God of Creation as an excuse for murder. Such people have interfered with the advance of the gospel. It will be very difficult to get the gospel to such people. However, we must remember that it took hundreds of years to see the Kingdom of God penetrate Viking communities. Pray for the Holy Spirit to shower His mercy on the Luwa people so that they will not listen to the jihadists, but instead listen to His voice of love and mercy.

Luwu People

Little Hamadi scurried onto his tikar mat (made of thinly woven bamboo), which ushered in his nightly sleep. Many times he imagined his tikar mat becoming a magic carpet like the ones he heard about in the folklore of the great Islamic Ottoman Empire. His teachers at the Islamic school in the south-central region of Sulawesi Island told him many stories of glorious Islamic empires.

When he woke up in the morning Hamadi quickly fixated upon a much weightier endeavor. As a Luwu Muslim aged seven, he is expected to participate in the Islamic Fasting Month of Ramadan. Thus, the fasting month commenced. By five o’clock he was absolutely famished.

Hamadi thought of all the heroes he heard about in school. There were the Bali Bombers (Jihadists) who fought against Western decadence. Then there were the heroes of the 9/11 World Trade Center. “Those men gave their lives for Allah,” commented his teacher. Yet even at this tender age, Hamadi quietly wondered to himself, “How could they be true heroes when so many people suffered because of what they did?”

Pray for the younger generation of Luwu to become disillusioned with spiritual counterfeits. Pray for house fellowships to break out into a rapidly reproducing movement of disciples.-RA

290,000 Muslims, 150 believers

Status: Unengaged in a church planting movement (CPM) effort

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Location: Southern Sulawesi

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