Daily Topic for May 30, 2013

Song of Solomon 5:8
O daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you-if you find my lover, what will you tell him? Tell him I am faint with love.

Can you even imagine being “faint” with love for the Lord? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate experience, to love Him so much that you cannot contain yourself? Do we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly bridegroom, with the passion and purity of the love this bride has for her husband? Do we truly regard His love as the most precious of all forms of pleasure and satisfaction? Do we honor His longing for a bride who is both beautiful and complete?

Pray that you will be so “faint with love” for your Lord that you will obey Him in all He says to do for the nations.

Kayu Agung People

by TP

Did you see the Rose Parade on New Years Day? The island nation of Indonesia had a float in it. Indonesia is the world’s most populated Muslim nation, and Sumatra is its largest island. At the southern end of Sumatra live the Kayu Agung, a Muslim people for whom we are praying today. According to the Joshua Project, the Kayu Agung consist of two groups: the Original Kayu Agung and the Kayu Agung, each with their own dialect. Both dialects are part of the larger Komering language.

The Kayu Agung live in 40 villages in the Komering River area. Each village consists of stilt wood houses with sago palm leaf roofs. Although they use sago palms for house roofs, rubber tree plantations are important to their economy. Many also work in offices or teach. Then there are the duta who temporarily leave the village to seek their fortune through urban crime!

In a population of 20,000 people there are only about 20 believers in Christ. The Kayu Agung practice folk Islam. In this they are aided by shamans who conduct planting and harvesting blessings. Village support of the duta, fear of ghosts, and shamans indicate a need for moral, ethical, and religious change. The changes must come through faith in Jesus.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that this people who have the JESUS Film and radio evangelism will respond to both, and that the Bible will soon be available in their languages.

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