Daily Topic for May 29, 2013

Song of Solomon 2:4
He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love.

This “banner” suggests that the one word to describe how the Heavenly Bridegroom feels about His bride is “love.” It’s not “judgment,” “obedience,” or “forgiven.” Oh, how great a love our Savior has bestowed upon us! His is far greater than the love between a man and his wife. As a woman enjoys the loving protection of her husband, so all who know Jesus are under the protection of His love. But what about those who don’t know Him-those who have not heard like the Daya people?

Pray that the Daya people will soon respond to the banner of love.

Daya People

by LR

The Daya teenager gave a disarming smile and greeted his Komering elder. A feast the next day would celebrate the rebuilding of the mosque ripped down by an earthquake. Since the two tribal villages are near each other geographically and the two people groups speak basically the same language, they would celebrate together. But in the Komering man’s heart, he felt the Daya youth was lazy-even with their joblessness, the Daya hire the Javanese people to harvest their fields!

Although the 83,000 Daya speak a language that is almost the same as the Komering language, they consider themselves distinctly different from the Komering. However, the Komering consider the Daya to be part of them. They live in a neighborly manner, but deep-seeded resentment over the Daya work ethic hinders perfect peace. Although each Daya family typically owns a rice field which is one or two hectares, they call for the Javanese to manage and harvest their crops.

Almost all of the Daya people identify with the Muslim religion. Very few are Christian. Daya villages keep ancestor burial grounds, where kinsmen visit and offer prayers. No Christian resources are available to the Daya, but a Bible translation in Lampung is underway.

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Pray that Daya hearts will open to receive Christ’s love. Pray that Javanese believers will tell Daya rice field owners about the true and living God.

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