Daily Topic for May 22, 2013

Proverbs 28:13
He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

This verse is like the gospel message in one sentence. The only way to be forgiven is to confess and renounce our sins. The unreached peoples like the Tamiang are making a futile attempt to either deny sin exists or to cover it up with rituals or good works. Shouldn’t they know the truth so that it can set them free?

Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of the Tamiang so that they will receive the word of God from Christ followers and be able to understand that they need to confess and renounce their sins against the Almighty One.

Tamiang People

by CN

“As a legend goes,” the grandfather began, answering his young grandson, “Our name Tamiang comes from two words, itam and mieng, which mean black cheek.’” Rubbing his cheek, the grandson replied, “Hmm,” turning about, viewing his own reflection in a mirror. Chuckling, the grandfather continued. “Supposedly, our name came about because of a king in our history who had a black mark on his cheek. There’s also another story,” the grandfather said, “that our name came from an island in the Riau Archipelago-the original dwelling place of our people.”

“Long ago our area was settled by four founding fathers called datuk, who established the Law of the Four Tribes. The datuks eventually came together and chose a king as leader. We live by this proverb, A fair king will be worshipped, but a cruel king will be dethroned.’”

Today some 41,000 Muslim Tamiang people reside in the province of Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Growing rice is the main source of their income. They also grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Coast dwellers fish and make coal from mangrove trees. Because their land is fertile enough to support them, they rarely move away. Yet they have a need for better farming methods, as well as educational and public health facilities.

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Ask the Lord of the harvest to send Christ followers to the Tamiang. Pray that they will meet the one true king-Jesus-and enjoy their eternal inheritance.

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