Daily Topic for May 18, 2013

Proverbs 20: 9
Who can say, "I have kept my heart pure; I am clean and without sin"?

We know that everyone has sinned and falls short of the glory of God. So what do we do about it? Those of us who are part of God’s Kingdom have the chance to do something. By the power of the Holy Spirit we can repent and change. But what about those who don’t even know that a loving and true God exists? All of them are without a chance to be forgiven of sin.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to do a new work in the hearts of lost peoples like the Alas, so that they can be cleaned and made pure by His power.

Alas People of Indonesia

by PE

Lahifa ran up the trail, strong legs pumping, breathing easily in the high elevation of her home village. When she reached a turn in the path far from listening ears, the ache in her heart pushed up into her throat and a primal scream sent birds flapping to flee the horrible sound. Again and again her agony pierced the quiet of the mountain. She flung her veil to the ground in frustration. Her love, her dear husband, was taking another wife!

Lahifa suffers a pain commonly inflicted on women in Muslim cultures. Because she has only born daughters to her husband, he has the right to take another wife. This is the plight of many women in Alas villages.

Because Lahifa’s Alas people adhere to Islam, yet cling to shamans and magic complete with potions and occultic ceremonies, she will turn to these dark practices to try to find relief from her unhappiness. It will bring her only further heartache.

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Pray that the 82,000 Alas people will find the faithful, merciful, and kind Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. Pray that the evil strongholds of oppression and the occult will be destroyed, and the spiritual veil that keeps the people blinded will be lifted to see the true and loving Creator. Pray that workers will be called, protected, and given a great harvest of souls as they carry the gospel to the Alas people.

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