Daily Topic for May 14, 2013

Ecclesiastes 12:13b
Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

All over the world there are people who fear gods and keep their commandments. However, they know very little about the only One who, because He is the creator, has the right to expect obedience. Billions of people have wasted their lives obeying gods that aren’t God. Don’t we owe them a chance to know and embrace the only One who has the right to command them?

Pray that missionaries will find those among the Minang people who fear God and are willing to learn about Jesus and join His Kingdom.

Minangkabau (aka, Minang) People

by PD

“This small field belongs to me, and the next one belongs to the other people; but in friendship we are working together.” The Minangkabau grandmother living in the Harau Valley of Sumatra explained to a visiting writer that she had received the land from her mother and her grandmother had it before her. This was the tradition of her people.

The Minangkabau people are also known as Minang. Today 4,000,000 Minangs live in western Sumatra, while about 3,000,000 more are scattered throughout many Indonesian and Malay Peninsula cities and towns.

Their culture is one of the largest matrilineal societies in the world with property and land passing down from mother to daughter. The religious and political affairs are the responsibility of the men. Life for the Minang is rapidly changing as the younger generation is abandoning the older customs. The majority of them are Muslim, but they often combine ethnic religious practices with Islam. They often break Islamic rules. For example, many of them eat pork. A common expression which is used to excuse the breaking of the Islamic laws is, “We find places to eat so we can hide from God.” There are almost no believers among the Minang people.

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Pray that God will stir the hearts of His children to care and find ways to reach the Minang people. May they soon know the Lord and realize that they cannot hide from Him!

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