Daily Topic for April 30, 2013

Psalms 150: 6
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

Thus, concludes the Psalms, the Bible’s worship guide. Notice how it ends, not with a call for an individual to praise Him. Nor does it end with the call for a congregation to worship His mighty Name. No, it ends with a call for everything that has breath to praise Him. In ending this powerful part of the Bible, you are left with the knowledge that we are part of something far bigger than we can possibly fathom: a call for everyone, including some from the unreached nations like the Shaozhou, to praise the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will speed the day when everything that has breath will indeed worship Him.

Shaozhou (Shaow-joe) Han Chinese

by JS

When outsiders think of the Chinese, they mostly think of the Han people, the predominant majority of the population. But China is also composed of many minority tribal peoples with their own distinct cultures and languages. Probably few people realize that even the Han majority includes many sub-groups.

One of these is the Shaozhou people of northern Guangdong, a province on China’s southeastern corner. These approximately 930,000 people speak Shaozhou Tuhua, their own separate language. This area has long been a crossroads for migrating people and has influenced the Shaozhou Chinese, resulting in their language being distinct from other Han groups.

Perhaps because of the many cultural influences they have experienced over the centuries, the Shaozhou see the need to retain their distinct identity. Their history and heritage includes the bloody Boxer Rebellion in 1900 when the Chinese, outraged by foreign domination at its ports, rebelled, killing hundreds of missionaries and 32,000 Chinese Christians. That was a dark day for China and the missionary effort, but a new opportunity exists today for the spread of the gospel, not at the hands of Western missionaries, but from the growing church planting movements spreading throughout the land by local peoples, both Han and ethnic minorities.

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Pray for a growing, dynamic church planting movement to permeate the Shaozhou Han Chinese people and cause a positive spiritual transformation of their communities.

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