Daily Topic for April 29, 2013

Psalms 65:2, 5, 8
O You who hear prayer, to You all men will come-the hope of all the ends of the earth. Those living far away fear Your wonders.

If these words were not in the Scriptures, we would scarcely believe them. Do the peoples in the ends of the earth hope there is a true and living God? Do they wonder who He is and where He is? Some missionaries have found people groups with hearts ready to accept Christ when they first hear the gospel. These missionaries have been amazed to discover that, even in the darkness of bondage to Satan, some people groups have so longed to know God the Creator that for many generations they have cried out to Him, pleading for a messenger to enlighten them!

Thank the Lord that He is the only hope and inspiration for all the nations. Thank Him that there are ways like radio broadcasts to speed the day when His Word will be available to those “far away.”

Lu Mien

by EJD

Umi, his wife, Alile, and their two young children sat around eagerly waiting to hear the gospel radio program. The clock struck 8:00 p.m. as the broadcaster’s voice crackled through the small transistor radio on the table. He narrated the gospel account of Christ feeding the 5,000 in the Lu Mien language. They nodded in unison as the voice on the airwaves said, “God is able to meet all our needs, no matter how great or small they may be.” After that short time of devotion the father turned off the transistor and prayed with his family before the children went to bed. Later, he and his wife joyfully remembered the day that they stumbled upon the Christian radio station FEBC that changed their lives.

The Lu Mien people of China have long been oppressed, and in years long past they were forced to constantly move. In spite of being isolated, they have an extensive written language.

Most Lu Mien people are Daoists. Daoism is a philosophy and system of religion in China based on the teachings of Lao-tzu in the sixth century B.C. However the Lu Mien do have Christian literature and radio broadcasts in their language.

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Pray that these resources will be heard and embraced by the Lu Mien people, resulting in transformed communities. Pray for spiritual strength for the small group of Lu Mien believers so that they can faithfully serve their Lord and Savior.

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