Daily Topic for April 27, 2013

Psalms 9:11
Sing praises to the Lord, enthroned in Zion; proclaim among the nations what He has done.

The shout of praise from Psalm 9 follows the declaration that God reigns forever. He will govern all peoples with justice. David continues in verse 15, “The Lord is known by His justice.” We shall then see before God’s throne an innumerable throng from every nation, tribe, people, and language (Revelation 7:9). Can you picture this? Maybe not, but we know that it will happen, and it will bring glory to our Creator.

Thank the Father for who He is, and for what He will do to redeem the nations. Pray for courage to do your part in hastening the day when there will be some from the Ghao-Xong nation worshipping our Great King.

Western Ghao-Xong (Gaow-Shong) People

by PE

Glory to the Father in Heaven for 4,000 believers among the Ghao-Xong of China! It is a miracle that they heard the gospel at all since their language is different from any other of the Miao people, and their villages are in virtually inaccessible mountains. They have no Scripture in their language, and no JESUS Film, or gospel recordings. How then is the rest of this people group going to hear the Word of God and believe?

Beautiful in God’s garden of ethnic groups are the nearly 1,500,000 Ghao-Xong people. They are unique in many ways-in language, dress, and customs. One custom is to honor the two brothers in their history who finally began an uprising that freed them from years of oppression. They joyfully dance and sing in an annual festival to them. But how sad to hear that they believe themselves to come from a dragon-dog whom they worship and honor as the forefather of their race.

The Catholic missionaries who first went to them were stalled in their efforts by an inability to speak the language. The Protestants largely neglected the Ghao-Xong until around 1950. Eighty-three percent of the people have never even heard the gospel.

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Let us pray for the tiny speck of believers who live in a sea of Ghao-Xong animists. Pray that they might be so filled with the Holy Spirit that their love of God spreads like a wildfire among the Ghao-Xong people. Pray that God will call workers to learn the language and take the gospel to these precious, isolated people.

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