Daily Topic for April 22, 2013

Psalms 12:8
And the words of the Lord are flawless like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times.

Have you ever doubted God’s Word? Be honest, we all have. But it’s wonderful to know that even those hard to accept verses did not get there by accident. By faith, we can accept them as His thoughts, and thank Him for His truth. What about those who do not have access to God’s Word? Don’t they have a right to know what their Creator thinks? Shouldn’t they have access to His flawless thoughts so they can give Him thanks and praise?

Pray for God to extend the work of groups like Wycliffe Bible Translators that are trying to get His Word to every tribe, tongue and nation.

Eastern Khampa (Kum-ba) People of China

by JWS

It’s no wonder the Eastern Khampa people are unreached-the Joshua Project describes them as “hostile, violent,” and sexually promiscuous. And yet they are considered to be devout followers of Buddhism, a religion that frowns upon violence and sexual promiscuity. Regardless of these seeming contradictions, they are precious in the sight of the Lord.

Who will go to them? About 1.5 million Eastern Khampa people live in the cold, barren mountains of western Sichuan Province, a large portion of eastern Tibet, and parts of southern Qinghai Province. According to www.baptisttranslators.com, they once were nomads, but now they raise grain and cattle in the fertile valleys. They have a long history of conflict with the Han Chinese who annexed some of their territory in the early 18th century. As late as the 1950s and 60s a group of Eastern Khampa fighters, “Buddha’s Warriors,” fought against China’s occupation of Tibet until their defeat in 1974 (www.aljazeera.com). Their heart language is Eastern Khampa, which has many dialects, but is similar to Central Tibetan. The Bible has been translated into Tibetan, but not into the Eastern Khampa language.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for translators to begin the work of creating a Bible for this large people group. Pray for faithful prayer warriors to help break up the hard ground of the Eastern Khampa people’s hearts. Pray for brave workers to dare to reach these people with the gospel of peace.

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