Daily Topic for April 15, 2013

Psalms 66:13
I will come to Your temple with burnt offerings, and fulfill my vows to You.

Who but the Almighty Creator and Savior is worthy of our sacrifices and vows? No one! Have you made any promises to God? In a way when you first accepted His salvation you promised to serve Him for eternity. That is what we mean when we call Him Lord. Have you promised to take His Kingdom to the nations? It’s hard to daily stay focused making a sacrifice of praise and intercession for the lost. Today let us return to our vows.

Pray that those who have promised to take His kingdom to the nations will do it soon.

Southern Dong People of China

by TP

Have you ever seen a bull fight? You can watch them in Spain and Latin America, especially in Mexico. The matador confronts the bull with a cape and sword. The picador prods the bull to make it angry. Sometimes matadors are gored.

So what have bull fights to do with the Southern Dong people of China? Simply this: the Dong love bull fights, pitting one village’s bull against another village’s bull.

The Dong are much like the Zhuang peoples of China, a composite group numbering about 2.2 million. The government associated a number of different groups together and called them the Dong. The Southern Dong numbers some 1.5 million in Guizhou, Guangxi, and Hunan Provinces. Others live in Vietnam. The Southern Dong have retained much of their ancestral culture. For example, they worship many deities: gods of the villages, homes, and agriculture. They keep ancestral shrines in their houses.

Although about half of the Dong read Chinese, they do not read their own languages. The JESUS Film has recently become available in their language, and there are some gospel recordings also. Although China Inland Mission (CIM) evangelized this group from 1910 to 1949, only about one percent of them follow Christ. Starting in 1998, a house church of some 40 people developed.

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Pray for spiritual growth among the few believers. Pray that these believers will take Christ’s Kingdom to their neighbors.

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