Daily Topic for April 11, 2013

Psalms 106:2
Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare His praise?

None of us can fully fathom all that the Lord has done. Let’s face it, we can’t even fathom one light year, let alone trillions of them! But we take it by faith in Christ that He is the creator, and we can trust His guidance and wisdom. What a privilege it is to worship such an awesome God! As you worship Him, remember to pray for those who have never heard about their creator. Pray for the Holy Spirit to direct the unreached to see His handiwork and learn how great He is. Pray for Him to send believers to tell them about the God who loves them.

Peripheral Mongols in China

by LR

The Mongols were beating the tablets loudly, announcing the time to worship Jesus. Public chanting of his praise resounded across the windswept land. The Mongol believer sat imagining what that must have been like hundreds of years earlier. At that time there were more than 200,000 Mongol believers, and they nearly adopted Christianity as their religion. The numbers soon dropped significantly, and today there are fewer than 20,000 Mongol believers in China.

Nearing a population of seven million, the Peripheral Mongols inhabit the lands of northern China bordering Mongolia. While Genghis Khan united all of the nomadic Mongol tribes (13 at the time), the Mongols are now believed to be 60 separate tribes. The Peripheral Mongolians are listed as one of China’s official nationalities.

The Peripheral Mongols are largely Buddhists with shamanistic beliefs mixed in. Some embrace atheism. Though less than one percent of them are believers, Christianity is now surging among them. The Bible is completely translated into the common dialect, and other resources like the JESUS Film and Christian radio broadcasting are available. Now they need discipleship and outreach strategies in the midst of a challenging economic situation.

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Pray that the resurgence of shamanism will give way to the power of Jesus as bold believers proclaim the gospel. Pray that an authentically Peripheral Mongolian church will attract the older generation. Pray for the Lord to speed the day when there will be many Peripheral Mongol believers experiencing the love of Christ in their daily lives.

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