Daily Topic for April 10, 2013

Psalms 97:12
The Lord has made His salvation known and revealed His righteousness to the nations.

In one way the Lord has made His salvation known to all the earth. According to what we read in Romans 1, creation itself reveals God’s glory to all the nations. Everyone knows something of God’s righteousness through what they see around them. Some may grasp for straws through evolution and other absurd explanations of the origins of the universe, but they are merely ignoring the obvious. All they have to do is look to His creation, and they will see the genius of the Creator.

Pray that as the Tujia people look around them at God’s creation, they will see His work and begin their path to salvation.

Tujia (Too-jeeah) People of China

by GEC

Centuries ago a heard of bulls grazed peacefully on the Chinese hillside. Suddenly a tiger appeared nearby. Startled and frightened, the bulls shied away from this threat. Then they gathered their courage and regained their composure. They charged at the tiger, chasing away their enemy. Since then the Tujia people consider “the bull’s eye as a symbol of the victory of good over evil.” (See: joshuaproject.net/print.php?rog3=CH&peo3=18702)

The vast majority of the Tujia people follow traditional ethnic religions. One practice involves a form of exorcism when a spiritual leader calls on the spirits of the first humans. With the aid of these spirits, the ceremony includes climbing a ladder of sharp knives and walking on hot coals.

With a population nearing 9,000,000, the Tujia people form one of the largest official minority groups in China. Although some missionary work began in the Tujia region about 200 years ago, those efforts wound up focusing on the Han Chinese rather than the ethnic Tujia people. As a result only about 0.5 percent of the Tujia people call themselves Christian. Still fewer profess a relationship with Christ.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that God will soon stir a ministry group to focus on the Tujia people through regular intercession and efforts to reach them for Christ. Pray that God would stir a hunger and thirst in the hearts of Tujia leaders that can only be satisfied by Christ.

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