Daily Topic for April 08, 2013

Matthew 9:38
Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

There are many obstacles facing a person who wants to “harvest” souls among the Hui people. Such a person would face a hostile and powerful government that does not want workers to stir up contentious issues among a Muslim people. There is the obstacle of Islam, which sets itself up as a perfect religious system. Many Hui people sincerely believe that Islam has the answers to all our spiritual problems, and they are likely to be resistant to anyone who tells them otherwise. Yet there is a harvest, and God wants someone to go.

Pray for harvesters to overcome all obstacles and go to the Hui people.

Hui (Whey) People of China

by CL

The two Hui men watched as the street vendor prepared their meal. There was rice and steamed broccoli, but there was also pork. The two men looked at each other with sly grins. “What a fine meal,” one said. “We will certainly enjoy the mutton.” The other man nodded his agreement. “Yes. We will enjoy the mutton.”

As Muslims, the Hui people are forbidden from eating any form of pork. However, they sometimes hedge on this by calling it mutton.

Although they may seem similar to Han Chinese groups, the Hui are actually relative newcomers to China. They either migrated or were forcibly moved to China by Mongolian troops in the 13th century.

Hui is short for HuiHui, which became a term to denote that a people group was entirely Muslim.

Despite the fact that there are nearly 11 million Hui scattered across China, there is not a single known Christ-centered fellowship or church among them. The majority of the Hui have never even heard the gospel message.

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Pray for the growing Han church to begin reaching out to their Hui neighbors. Pray that Bibles and gospel materials will be distributed to the Hui and will bear much fruit. Ask the Lord to work in the hearts of these people and establish groups of believers that will transform Hui society for the better.

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