Daily Topic for April 07, 2013

Psalms 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

I once saw a telephone book with a spectacular picture of the cosmos on the cover of it. It read, “The heavens declare the glory.” What was missing? Who gets the glory! All peoples on the face of the earth can look in the sky and see the glory of their Maker. Some, like the secularist who edited this verse, have decided to ignore that the glory belongs to the Lord. Others, perhaps representatives of unreached people groups, can look up into the sky and see that there is a Creator who alone is worthy of our worship.

Pray that despite what they have been taught, North Koreans today will see His glory in nature all around them and respond by giving Him praise.

North Koreans

by WK

“Is that a yellow balloon I see?” muttered the boy. It is! Looking around cautiously, he ran to get it. It had an attached note that read, “Jesus loves you enough to pay for your sins. We are praying for you.” With the note was a picture of Jesus hanging on a cross. The boy tilted his head in puzzlement. He’d never heard of Jesus Christ.

Groups of concerned people, some of them Christians, have sent balloons with messages of hope into the air near the border between South Korea and North Korea. The prevailing winds send these balloons into North Korea, and people like this boy are able to get a gospel message.

North Korea is facing mass starvation as a result of its mismanaged Communist economy. All religions are banned in North Korea, and thousands of believers have been imprisoned for their faith.

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Pray for the end of famine and oppression in North Korea. Ask God to protect the people who risk their lives each day to share the love of God with the people of North Korea. Pray that God would open North Korean hearts to the message of salvation. Ask the Lord to end the persecution of Christians in that country.

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