Daily Topic for March 31, 2013

Luke 24:5b-6a
Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!

What comforting words from the angels! The Lord has risen! Can anyone else make such a claim apart from Jesus, the Risen Christ? No one has ever risen from the dead except from the command of our Lord. Upon hearing this good news from the angels, the women ran to tell others. Shouldn’t we be just as excited about telling the nations about the only One who has power over death?

Pray for a renewed boldness this Easter morning which will enable us to go and tell of His resurrection victory to the nations.

Muslim Turkmen in Moscow

by CL

Marjih glanced at the clock and saw that it was past midnight. He had to be at work early in the morning, but decided to continue looking through the personal ads for just a few more minutes.

Moving to Moscow, Marjih had left behind his family and friends. Making new friends here was proving to be difficult. His Russian co-workers often excluded him. He had seen other Turkmen discriminated against, so he tried not to let people know where he was from.

He missed his parents, his brother and sisters and his friends. They were mostly farmers. His decision to go to Moscow had not been popular with them; it went against the long-standing tradition of family and clan sticking together. That’s why he had resorted to visiting a singles website that specialized in helping expatriate Turkmen living in Moscow find each other. He was lonely and homesick.

The Turkmen of Moscow are isolated as a minority group in a new and confusing culture. Instead of working as simple farmers or cattle herders, they must adjust to life in a fast-paced, sophisticated foreign city.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the homesickness and confusion of the Turkmen in Moscow to be used to lead them on a search for the true and living God.. Pray for the Lord to reveal Himself to them and draw them into a relationship with Christ. Pray for mission groups to find innovative ways to share the gospel with the Turkmen.

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