Daily Topic for March 30, 2013

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

We are set free by the Son of God! He said so Himself! This is something that we can depend on no matter what circumstances we face. How much do we believe it? Do we believe it enough to tell the nations? Surprisingly, the people who live in what is now Turkey once believed the gospel message, but now the gospel is rarely heard in that land. Perhaps the Turks in Moscow can hear it and respond by allowing the Son to set them free from sin by what He did on Good Friday.

Pray that the Turks in Moscow will hear and respond to Christ’s invitation to be set free from sin.

Muslim Turks in Moscow

by CL

“I just heard about a new restaurant,” Mehmet excitedly told his friend as they left work in a Moscow factory. “It has Turkish food-even mercimek soup. And they even have authentic raki!” His friend responded, “Raki? If it is good raki, it will be heaven! I just hope they have a bar that serves decent vodka.”

Like many young people in today’s world, the new generation of Turks living in Moscow is very concerned with the pursuit of pleasure. Food, drink, and dating are among their top priorities. Though they are officially Muslim, their worldview is secular. Many do not practice Islam, seeing it only as their heritage and culture, not as something that affects their daily lives.

Although the Bible, the JESUS Film, audio recordings and other resources have been available in the Turkish language for decades, this people group has been very resistant to the gospel, and they remain unreached.

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Pray for mission organizations and Russian churches to seize the opportunity to share God’s love with Turks in Moscow who are drifting from their culture and religion. Pray for them to see the emptiness of alcohol, drugs, and immoral sexual relationships, and touch their hearts so that they will begin to long for something more. Ask the Lord to capture their hearts and use them to reach their families and countrymen in Russia and in Turkey for Christ.

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