Daily Topic for March 22, 2013

Acts 22:22
The crowd listened to Paul until he said this one word.

When Paul mentioned Jesus and Stephen, the mob didn’t get angry. But when he declared that God had called him to go to the Gentiles, they went ballistic. Jesus had provoked the same reaction in the synagogue at Nazareth by affirming God’s care for foreigners. How easy it is to allow natural pride and prejudice to blind us to the inclusive grace of the Heavenly Father! Do we harbor resistance to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in countries at odds with our own?

Pray that the Lord will allow no obstacle in our hearts to completing the Great Commission.

Institute for Bible Translation

by JS

Translating the Bible into the heart languages of every people group in the world is a daunting task. Fortunately, however, there are a number of agencies that share in this ministry. The Institute for Bible Translation (IBT) was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973. Its main task is to publish Bibles for non-Slavic people in Slavic countries, which include many Central Asian languages. In 2002 the operational center of IBT was transferred from Stockholm to Moscow.

IBT not only translates and publishes Bibles or portions of them in various languages, but it also distributes them. The people of their target area speak 130 different languages and represent a diversity of cultures and religions, including Islam, Buddhism, and shamanism/animism. So far IBT has translated and published the Bible or portions of it into 70 languages. IBT also produces audio recordings of the Bible text in seven languages and a Children’s Bible in Russian and in more than 30 other languages. Some ethnic groups have initially expressed concern in reconciling the spiritual heritage of their people with Christian spirituality. But the IBT team members explain that “Christianity brings one truth for all peoples and is not called to destroy the cultural heritage of a particular nation.”

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Pray for accurate and faithful translations of the Bible message to modern readers. Pray for the Holy Spirit to relate the Bible’s message to each reader.

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