Daily Topic for March 20, 2013

Luke 24:26
Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?

One of the things we so often forget is that before there is glory, there is often suffering. We know that, like Christ, many of His servants are suffering in places like Nigeria and North Korea for their faith. In many cases throughout Church history, the suffering of the saints has led to repentance and the extension of His Kingdom. You have heard it said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. So difficult, but so true in our fallen world!

Pray for God to raise up Ingush men and women who are willing to suffer for the Name of Christ so that others may find Him.

Muslim Ingush People in Moscow

by PE

Gajiev placed the flag of the Northern Caucasian Republic of Ingushetia prominently in the back window of his car. Mairbek hopped in the passenger side and the young men peeled away to meet other demonstrators at the circular highway around the center of Moscow. When they arrived, other Ingush motorists were bashing cars, waving flags, and firing air pistols to draw attention to the war zone that their country has become. Civil disorder, bombings, disappearances, and executions on the streets have become the “new normal” for the Ingush people. Many protests and pickets block parks and streets as the Ingush in Moscow plead for the world’s attention.

Ingushetia is part of Russia, but it maintains its own Sunni Muslim identity. There are less than half a million Ingush people in their own country, so their population in Moscow is very tiny. But their voices and actions cause constant disruptions in the Russian capital.

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Pray that even as the Ingush rage in Moscow, believers will reach out to them with the love of Jesus, offering the gospel of peace through Christ. Pray that many Ingush will receive Him and take the good news back to their war torn homeland. Pray for workers to minister with the new translation of the Gospel of Luke in the Ingush language, and that the words will be multiplied in power and effectiveness in the hearts of the Ingush people.

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