Daily Topic for March 19, 2013

Psalms 25:11
For the sake of Your Name, O Lord, forgive my iniquity, though it is great.

All of us sin each day, and we need forgiveness. Our sins are an offense to the One who created us, the only One with the power to forgive. This is one of the ways His Name is glorified: by forgiving sinful man. There are entire tribes, tongues and nations that don’t yet know that God will forgive their sins if they humble themselves and call on His Name in repentance. Likewise, His Name is glorified when believers forgive those who persecute them. Pray for the Lord to raise up a forgiving church among the Chechens that will glorify His Name.

Muslim Chechens in Moscow

by PE

Anora rocked three-year-old Sifla as she told the story of her escape from Chechnya, hiking for miles across frozen ground to escape fighting between her Muslim countrymen and Russian attack helicopters. Now she was in Moscow, but her typically dark skin and hair made her a target for rude and threatening treatment by the fair-complexioned locals. Sifla slept untouched by the quiet words, but for Anora it was an outlet for her feelings of frustration. Where can she go? Returning to Chechnya could mean death by Russian infantrymen. Staying in Moscow means continual threats, taunts, and even beatings.

Meanwhile, across the street Yuri opened the door to his car as the police handcuffed him and placed him in their vehicle. “What am I being arrested for?” he demanded. “Two explosions killed many citizens last night and we suspect you ‘blacks’ for the bombings. Didn’t you just have a meeting of recent immigrants from Chechnya?”

Violence and racism plague the Chechens in Moscow. Some, like Anora, only desire to live quietly in Moscow until they can someday return to their land. Others like Yuri are fighting back, resulting in high death-counts of innocent Muscovites.

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Pray that the Prince of Peace may be revealed to the Chechens. Pray that while they are not in the isolated Muslim confines of Chechnya, Christ’s followers will reach out to them with kindness, friendship, and the gospel. Pray that this difficult exile will lead to eternal life for many Chechens.

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