Daily Topic for March 14, 2013

Acts 11:19-20
Now those who had been scattered…traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, telling the message only to Jews. Some of them…went to Antioch and began to speak to Greeks also.

In a similar fashion isn’t preoccupation with “our own kind of people” the norm today? The vast majority of full-time workers are ministering to those of their own culture who may already be at least nominal believers. Certainly these people need to hear the gospel clearly, as did the Jews of the first century. But we must not forget those peoples like the Baloch who have never heard the truth. They need full-time workers among them.

Pray for the Church to hear the Lord’s voice when He calls us to go to those like the Baloch people in Pakistan and Russia, and share Christ with them.

Muslim Baloch People in Moscow

After a grueling year of not only studying to be a medical doctor, but also learning the language and culture of Russia, the young Baloch man had finally settled down. He was well on his way to earning a degree in a medical college in Moscow, and he had made friends with fellow-students. But no matter how well he had acclimatized himself to the Russian way of life, he could not erase from his mind who he is and where he is from.
On many a cold evening he would conjure up in his mind images from his hometown. He would imagine he was back in his Pakistani village surrounded by the people he loves: his grandfather was rocking back and forth quietly mouthing the words of the Qur’an; his mother was flipping the hot flatbread with her bare hands; his father was herding the flock; and his little brothers were kicking a grubby ball. But the young man fears that this idyllic scene could be shattered at any time by attacks perpetrated against the family by Pakistani forces that see them as separatists and Indian agents. He wishes with every fiber in his being to return to his Baloch people and work to make their lives better. But the best he can do is to make money for his family in a foreign city.

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Pray that these devout Sunni Muslims may find the love and peace that Christ alone can offer. Pray for God’s protection of the Baloch people.

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