Daily Topic for March 12, 2013

Acts 8:5
Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Christ there.

Two factors are quite significant in this single statement. The first is that Philip, a layman, began sharing the gospel outside of Jerusalem. The second is that Philip, a Jew, was sharing the good news with the Samaritans-people who were cultural enemies of the Jews. He was having tremendous success. Would it be possible to find success today when reaching out to those who currently oppose the gospel like the Wahhabis?

Pray for discernment and tact for those who reach out to their cultural enemies. Pray for bold efforts to reach the spiritually deceived Wahhabis who are very sincere, but sincerely wrong.

Muslim Wahabbis in Moscow

by PD

“Wahhabis defile religion and insult feelings of Muslims with their criminal acts!” Awkfaf, an Islamic leader from Kuwait, spoke with a strong voice at the Islamic Doctrine Against Radicalism conference in Moscow. He and other prominent Islamic scholars and religious leaders from the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, Malaysia, and Russia wanted to let the international communities know they did not support the Wahhabis who were growing more powerful in areas of Russia, especially Chechnya.

Wahhabism is a branch of Sunni Islam that became a revivalist movement started by Muhammad Wahhab from Saudi Arabia in the early 1700s. They believe their role is to promote “true” Islam and to free other Muslims involved in heresies, idolatries, liberalism, or any form of worship that is not sanctioned by the laws of Islam.

Some Wahhabis from Moscow and various areas of Russia have been actively fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine and most recently Syria. They try to destroy anything or anyone (including other Muslims) that stand in the way of their militant agenda. They are very opposed to Christians and any form of outreach from them. A top Russian policy maker in Moscow said the government is seriously considering criminalizing this form of Islam. This is causing more protests by Wahhabis in Moscow.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Moscow to be protected from Wahhabi activities. Pray that Christ’s followers in all places where Wahhabis are active will be trained to communicate with these Muslims. Pray that the Holy Spirit will grip these militants and show them the true and loving God and His ways.

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