Daily Topic for March 10, 2013

Acts 28:28
Therefore I want you to know that God's salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen.

Paul was closing the door to his witness to the Jews because they had so often rejected God’s appeal through him. He wanted them to realize that their hardness of heart was the main reason for his focus on the Gentiles. But in another sense, this is a happy ending. It says that the Gentiles will listen, and, indeed they did! Yet we know that God is not done with the Jewish people. Though Paul focused on the Gentiles after that point, there are many others who are compelled to take the gospel back to those who first proclaimed it-the Jews!

Pray for good fruit to come from efforts to reach the Jews for Christ in Russia and beyond.

Ukrainian Jews in Moscow

by PD

“This is amazing!” Olga, a Jewish Ukrainian woman, was in the Moscow State History Museum reading a letter written in 1932 by Anna, the sister of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. The letter had just been put on display. One part stated that Anna’s maternal grandfather was a Ukrainian Jew who converted to Christianity to gain better access to higher education. Olga continued speaking to her friend. “Lenin came from a poor Jewish family and, according to his baptismal certificate, he was the son of Moses Blank, a native of the western Ukrainian city of Zhitomir. Although we still struggle with anti-Semitism, this is very significant in our history. It explains so much about why there are still a number of Ukrainians with Jewish backgrounds that do not acknowledge their own culture.”

Persecution during the rule of Lenin and Stalin led to thousands of Jewish people dying or fleeing the Ukraine. Thousands of Jewish schools and synagogues were closed.

Many Jewish people in the Ukraine do not practice their faith. They continue to encourage their children in education and challenges in selected areas of work such as science, medicine, and business. The Russian Orthodox Church is not open to reaching the Jewish people.

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Pray that evangelical and Messianic Jewish Christians can restore the Jewish people to the joy of their place with God and the hope found in Jesus.

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