Daily Topic for March 08, 2013

Acts 8:31-35
"How can I [understand]," he said, "unless someone explains it to me?" Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.

Philip asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he was reading, and the man admitted that he did not. Many valuable literature and radio ministries are being conducted today among some of the world’s unreached peoples. But these peoples often have the same problem as the Ethiopian eunuch: they need further face-to-face explanation of what they read and hear. Likewise, it will take someone to personally reach the unreached Tuvin people in Moscow.

Pray for more face-to-face laborers who will begin from the Scriptures and preach Jesus to unreached peoples.

Buddhist Tuvin People in Moscow

by WK

Bong! The gong rang out, telling everyone at the gate that the temple was now open. People flocked to the new Buddhist temple in Moscow’s Victory Park. A few of these people spoke Russian, but most of them spoke a very different language called Tuvin. They looked Asian, not European. Inside many people bowed to the statue of Buddha. Going back into the courtyard, numerous metal plaques lined the brick walls, listing the names of Tuvin soldiers who died fighting for the Soviet Union during World War II.

Most of the Tuvins live in Siberia in a location just north of the Mongolian border. They worship Buddha and nature spirits. Shamans are very common among this people group. During World War II many Tuvin soldiers fought for the Soviet Union against the Germans. After the war some of these soldiers settled with their families in western Russian cities like Moscow. The New Testament has been translated into Tuvin, along with some small portions of the Old Testament.

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Pray that a mission agency will translate the Old Testament into Tuvin. Ask God to break the hold that Buddhism and spirit worship have on this people group. Pray for the formation of Bible believing fellowships for the Tuvins who live in Moscow and other parts of Russia. Ask the Lord to raise up Tuvin believers in Jesus Christ to take the message of salvation to the Tuvin homeland in Siberia.

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