Daily Topic for March 02, 2013

Acts 20:25
Now I know that none of you among whom I have gone about preaching the Kingdom will ever see me again.

It is sad when a missionary leaves the people to whom he was sent, a people whom he has come to love. When the church is planted and able to sustain itself, and willing and able to send evangelists and missionaries on its own, the missionary’s task is complete. But that church needs our prayers to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and to reach out to other peoples who have no churches.

Pray that existing churches, including younger churches in the non-Western world, may continue to flourish and to commission workers to the unreached peoples.

Missionary Biography, Continued

By 1952, Bill Kapitaniuk was in Germany ready to begin work. There, in 1956, he married Sophie Bobel, a Christian Jew, who became the mother of their eight sons.

In 1957, hearing there was now freedom to travel in Poland, Bill left Sophie and their new baby and headed for Eastern Europe. At first it wasn’t easy to get the Polish people to trust him. Few foreigners came to Poland, and they were not ready to unreservedly accept as an authentic Christian anyone who arrived on their doorstep. But after “filling in” at a church meeting on a Sunday morning, Bill was deluged with invitations to speak all over the country. Bill was impressed with “their warmth, their hospitality, their eagerness and willingness to hear the gospel,” and when he saw their hunger for spiritual things, he knew why God had sent him back to Poland.

Everywhere Bill traveled in Eastern Europe he found the people tremendously hungry for the Word of God. All the Christians, especially in the Soviet Union, wanted Bibles so desperately that several Eastern European Christians said they were willing to smuggle Bibles across the border, even though they knew that if caught, they might be thrown in prison.

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Pray that those smuggling Bibles into closed countries will not get caught, and the Bibles will find their way to spiritually hungry people.

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