Daily Topic for January 23, 2013

Genesis 20:7
Now return the man's wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live.

What is so significant about this passage is that the person receiving this prayer is a ruler over one of the nations Abraham has been called to bless. Of course, God could have healed Abimelech the moment he returned Sarah to Abraham, but He chose to heal him through the prayers of His prophet for a special reason. He wanted an entire nation to understand that Abraham represented the creator of heaven and earth and all the fullness of His power. This is the same reason why God often works so powerfully through the intercession of his people to open up opportunities for sharing the gospel.

Pray for God’s children to exercise their authority to intercede for unreached nations like the Selims.

Selim of Sudan

by PE

Eight-year-old Kalifa giggled with her little sister, Ramla. Every morning they awoke to the sneezing of their father and all his friends who slept under “sun shades” at the edge of the camp so they could laugh and talk into the night. Being very superstitious, the men sneeze each morning to dislodge the evil spirit they believe enters their noses at night while they are sleeping. The children’s mother was already up and preparing breakfast of cheese and milk. Kalifa’s mother owns the dome-shaped tent they live in and is responsible for the care of the children, the milking of the family cows, the selling of the milk, and the making of the cheese that sustains them. Kalifa and Ramla’s father tends the herds, plants and harvests crops, and interacts with the children occasionally. He has another family in a farming village, and both families share their incomes.

Muslim since the 13th century, the Selim remain unmoved by efforts to introduce them to their Savior. Ministry resources are abundant, but very few Selim people have received Christ.

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Pray that God will call and bring forth long-term workers who will give themselves to God by serving the Selim. Ask God for protection for the small number of Selim believers, and pray that they will be discipled into spiritual maturity. Ask God to reveal Himself to the Selim and raise up strong local churches for His glory and praise.

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