Daily Topic for January 22, 2013

Genesis 18:24-25
Then Abraham approached Him and said, "Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are 50 righteous people in the city?"

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this passage is not Abraham’s boldness to ask such confrontational questions of God, but God’s positive response to these questions. Nowhere in the history of any religion do we find such camaraderie between the Creator God and man as we do in this account. God literally says, “I cannot hide from Abraham what I am going to do” (Genesis 18:17), and then allows His friend to question Him on His actions. The precedent God is establishing here is clear. The Abrahamic Covenant of blessing involves prophetic intercession for the nations. God reveals to His people what He is going to do in the world and invites us to participate in His actions as priestly intercessors.

Pray that every believer might discover the power and joy of frontier mission intercession.

Lahawin Baggara People of Sudan

by PE

Each day when the cattle have been moved to a site with fresh grass, Tahir gathers the men of his nomadic group to talk in dark tones about war. They practice with knives and long guns they have amassed and wait for the day when their Al Mahadi, “the Guided One,” will appear. The daily struggle against mechanized farming is devastating their ancient pastoral way of life.

The Lahawins have long been described as a small group among the Baggara peoples of the region, as they number only about 100,000. Now, however, they are talking about being what they call the “first tribe to support the Al Mahadi” and form the beginnings of his army. Such beliefs usually come from the Shi’ite branch of Islam, not the Sunni branch found in this region.

A desperate people facing the extinction of their way of life, the fight or flight response has caused them to raise their fists and reach into their Islamic teachings of a “Guided One” who will come to repair all wrongs. In their teachings this predicted one is to come with Jesus whom they believe will be subservient to the Al Mahadi.

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Pray for the Lahawin people as they face changes in their long-held way of life. Pray that they will not resort to violence. Pray that they will learn of the true Jesus Christ, the Sovereign Lord who loves them, wants them to become part of His family, and died to pay for their sins.

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