Daily Topic for January 20, 2013

Genesis 15:6
"Look up at the heavens and count the stars . . . So shall your offspring be" . . . . Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

The Bible considers Abraham to be the father of all who believe (Romans 4:16) because of what he did that night. He simply believed God. It is our response to God that matters to Him. If when He calls, we say, “Here am I, send me,” we are then speaking His language. He’ll take care of the rest. The same is true with the Great Commission. But all we are called to do is believe that God can do it, and that His way of doing it is perfect. Our part is to trust and obey.

Pray for a powerful movement of faith among God’s people as they respond to His call to reach all remaining unreached peoples.

Beja Peoples

by KC

“Is there room for us anywhere?” muttered Sahim as he sat in front of his shack in an urban slum. He could scarcely tolerate the stench of rotting garbage. Two dogs with ragged fur growled as they fought over a scrap. Finally one of them bit the other on the nose, and the latter ran away yelping.

Sahim continued to muse. Are people any better than those emaciated dogs? For generations his family had wandered with their herds near the Red Sea. Periodic droughts left them with fewer livestock. To make matters worse, a mining company started digging right in the middle of the land where Sahim and his extended family had always wandered with their herds. They did not hire a single Beja! “May Allah give them what they deserve on the Final Day,” he muttered before going back into his shack to enjoy a small, but delicious meal.

Sahim is part of the Bejas, an ancient group of five tribes from western Sudan and southern Egypt. They became Christians in the 6th century when nearby Nubian Christian kingdoms reached out to them. In the 13th Century Muslim Bedouin tribes swept through their homeland, bringing the Islamic religion. Few of the Beja people believe in Christ as Savior today.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to leaders of each of the five Beja tribes and use them to lead their people to the One who offers forgiveness and eternal life.

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