Daily Topic for January 17, 2013

Genesis 4:7b
But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.

Unfortunately, God’s warning to Cain went unheeded, and he succumbed to the sin of murder. The rest of his life was miserable as a result. Today Somalia is noted for piracy, drug abuse with qat, and the lack of a viable government. The result has been a “might makes right” ethic, where anyone who produces something useful is in danger of having it stolen by armed militias. Sin has not been mastered in Somalia!

Pray that the Garreh Somalis will humble themselves before the Lord and give Him the chance to help them master the sin that has ruined their nation.

Garreh Somali People

by GEC

Aden’s wives disassemble their round huts, plus the one reserved for their husband. The children prod the cows and goats. Camels carry the heavy items. Once again they begin the trek to find another source of water. In the distance a truck stirs up dust as it speeds across the desert. As Aden approaches the truck, the driver hands him a long leaf. Aden stuffs it in his mouth. After a brief chat the driver speeds off. Aden leads his family on. The leaf Aden chews is called “qat.” It is mildly narcotic and provides a modest high. Widely used by Somali peoples throughout the region, the Garreh people are known to chew it when traveling.

The Garreh people form one of the sub-groups of Somali peoples in East Africa. Devout Muslims, they marry up to four wives. Divorce runs rampant in their society. Of the Somali sub-groups, the Garreh appear most nomadic. They find a water source and pitch their huts around it. The husband maintains his own house and the wives build their houses in a circle around him. Education and modern health services remain virtually unknown to the Garreh people.

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Pray that God will send medical missionaries to help meet the needs of the Garreh Somalis. Ask God to stir faithful prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through worship and intercession. Pray that the Garreh people will find the source of living water in Jesus, and that He will satisfy their spiritual thirst.

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