Daily Topic for January 16, 2013

Genesis 12:3
"I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse."

God’s promise to Abraham included both the promise of physical blessing as well as spiritual protection. Curses are real, and have been used for millennia to channel the powers of darkness against a person, family, or even an entire nation (as in the case of Balaam in Numbers 22-24). God promises Abraham to bless his offspring and the Jewish people have survived over thousands of years. Jesus said to his disciples before sending them out that He would go with them. This is an important promise for frontier missionaries who often encounter spiritual resistance when pioneering new territory. At the same time God promises spiritual blessings to those who assist His people that are doing His work.

Pray that Jesus’ Name might be glorified over every name among every remaining unreached people.

Somali People

by GEC

Amar danced in the Mogadishu street! The radio had just announced the peaceful election of a new president for Somalia. Decades had passed since anything like this had occurred here. But Amar soon became despondent as he could see the unrest and fighting escalate again. His hope for a peaceful and safe existence soon faded. It was hope that brought Amar back to his homeland. After living as a refugee in Minneapolis for a decade, he finally felt it was safe to take his family home.

Amar is part of the 15-17 million Somali people group. Their numbers can be divided into five different sub-groups. Like his kinsmen he remains loyal to Islam. Traditionally his people have been nomads; but increasing numbers have turned to urban lifestyles.

Amar brought something back to Somalia with him. Buried within his heart lies the seed of the gospel. It was a Christian group that helped him to adjust to life in the United States. During his years of transition, they gently shared the love and mercy of Jesus. Now Amar carries that seed in his heart.

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Pray that the gospel seeds will bear much fruit in the years ahead for Amar. Pray for the new president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, that he would have the wisdom to rule his nation justly and allow his people to embrace the True Savior. Pray for the Somalis to seek and find true justice and righteousness in Christ.

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