Daily Topic for January 01, 2013

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning, God . . .

One of the most remarkable truths the Bible tells us is that the One who created the heavens and the earth didn’t do so anonymously. He desires to be known, and can be known, and has revealed all of His divine attributes in creation itself (Romans 1:20). Indeed, God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out and find Him (Acts 17:27). That men in every nation have sought to find God is evidence of this reality. Bible translators have yet to find a dialect that is without a word for the Creator God! At the same time all peoples have found that there is something that separates us from our Creator. The ruins of our decaying bridges to reach Him are there to remind us.

Pray that the whole earth and every nation might be filled with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the sea.

Missionary Biography, Peter

The Bunna people of southern Ethiopia were known as killers. Young men proved themselves worthy to marry by killing large animals or a person. One of the first evangelists among the Bunnas was a man from the Ari people named Peter, born with a conspicuous harelip that affected his speech. Disabled children like Peter were seen as cursed and often left to die. (Some babies were considered to be “cursed” because their upper teeth came in before their lower teeth, and they too were killed). But because the gospel had already reached the Aris, Peter was taken in and raised by a Christian family. Peter knew he had been physically saved by the gospel, and he grew up wanting to share its message.

The Ari church trained the maturing Peter as a pastor despite his speech disability. He met and married a woman who loved and accepted him.

One day their church asked for workers to go to the nearby Bunna people. As a youth Peter had already learned the Bunna language while herding cattle near the Bunna herdsman. He and his wife agreed to take God’s message of love to this tribe known for killing outsiders. Peter received permission to live among the Bunna through the influence and contacts of two missionaries already working in the area, Ato Mahey and Charlie Bonk. Bonk and Mahey had successfully lived and worked among the Bunna for several years.

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Pray for God to give compassion for the lost to Christian congregations in East Africa.

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