Daily Topic for December 31, 2012

Psalms 51:12b-13
grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will turn back to you.

Have you ever asked God to give you a willing spirit? Being willing to obey all that He tells us to do is an essential part of lordship. When someone says yes to missionary work, they are asking God to give them a willing spirit to go out and teach transgressors His ways so His kingdom will be extended. What an eternal privilege!

Pray for the Holy Spirit to give more of His children a willingness to teach unreached transgressors His ways. Pray that He will give you a greater will to serve Him this coming year.

Ziban Tribe

by PD

“Click! Shamlal Aujaf!” Khalil, a Ziban Bedouin, was verbally prodding his camel to move faster so he could win the race. A victory would give him the prize money he desperately needed to buy tea and wheat for his large family.

With a loud groan the camel picked up the pace. Without warning the animal almost stumbled causing Khalil to fall off. Concerned, several men came running to help him. Fortunately he was not hurt. He showed the men a long leather cord he had around his neck that contained many nazars, blue glass charms with colored circles used to keep away the evil eye or bad spirits. With his heart still beating, he explained, “This is what protected me. The charms did not let the jinns hurt me.”

Camels racing is a popular sport among the 230,000 Ziban tribe of Algeria. They live traditional Bedouin lives. Their folk Islamic rituals do not give them reassurance or peace, and they often feel fearful. Instead of trusting the Almighty Lord, they place their trust in nazars for protection against evil forces even though the Qur’an warns them against such practices.

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Pray that God will open a way for the Ziban tribe to be released from their fearful bondage. Pray for the spiritual blinders to be removed from their eyes so that they can see Jesus. Pray that entire clans of Zibans will soon accept the lordship of Jesus.

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