Daily Topic for December 29, 2012

Psalm 98:2, 4
The Lord has made His salvation known and revealed His righteousness to the nations. Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.

The psalmist was deeply aware that God’s redemptive acts on Israel’s behalf were also played out on a stage before the nations. Israel, called to be a kingdom of priests, had the privilege and responsibility of interpreting these acts to the surrounding peoples. We who have come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord have the same privilege and responsibility, made greater by our knowledge of the completeness of Christ’s redemptive work on the cross. What a delight to declare His acts to nations like the Nail people so that they may respond with joy to their Master!

Pray that the Father will open our lips to tell others of His salvation and righteousness.

Nail Tribe

by PD

Amerah did not say a word as her sisters and cousins finished painting the Henna tattoos on her feet and legs in preparation for her wedding. Outside she heard the drums and singing of the women. The strong smell of cooked camel meat stew penetrated the tent. The loud blast of gunfire signaling the arrival of her husband-to-be, her cousin Mustafa. The women quickly veiled her and escorted her out of the tent. She started to cry and feigned turning back, but the women pushed her towards Mustafa. Hesitation is part of tradition for a Bedouin bride. Amerah was actually looking forward to becoming Mustafa’s second wife. He had a big tent and three camels, complete with saddles. He was rich with many sheep and goats. Mustafa even gave her beautiful jewelry. She felt blessed by Allah’s goodness.

There are about 32,100 Nail Bedouins who live in oasis dwellings stretched along Algeria’s northern Sahara. They maintain many Bedouin traditions. Women perform the household duties, raise children and often take care of the animals and crops. The rituals of folk Islam control their lives.

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Pray that God will open a way for the Nail people to receive fixed tuned solar powered radios so they can hear God’s Word. Pray that many of them will come to the Lord as a group to follow Isa (Jesus). May they soon be released from their bondage to evil spirits and be blessed with God’s mercy and love.

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