Daily Topic for December 26, 2012

John 1:10
He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.

What sad words! Those He loved did not welcome him who loved mankind so much. Today how easy it is to say, “The unreached peoples do not want us. Let’s go to someone who does.” It is also easy to become critical and discouraged when missionaries who are trying to show that they love the unreached peoples are not welcomed with open arms. Yet our missionary God did not wait for us to desire Him. He came incarnate in Jesus to reveal His love in a way we could understand, in a way that wooed us to Himself.

Pray that the Lord will plant in our hearts His love for lost peoples.

Saharawi People in Algeria

by LR

Already by eight in the morning the temperature rose above 90 degrees; by midday it would reach 120. The young Saharawi refugee women began lining up for water, which was salty and unhealthy. Next they waited for food from the United Nations. Meanwhile young men conspired to either join the rebellion or attend university so they could return to rebuild their people.

The Saharawi were traditionally nomads with a distinct Arabic influence on their dialect, religion, lifestyle, and dress. But after Morocco claimed their homeland, the Western Sahara, in 1976 it has become one of the most protracted refugee situations in existence, and is the United Nations Refugee Agency’s second oldest caseload. Major confrontations between Saharawi protesters and Moroccan security forces still occur regularly.

The Saharawis who now live in neighboring Algeria now number at about 184,000. Many have lived in refugee camps for decades, while others have fled to the desert or to Western nations.

They adhere to folk Islam; their Muslim beliefs are mixed with remnants of shamanism, and they worship their paternal god called Sidi Erbbi, whom they consider full of life. Few followers of Christ exist among the Saharawi people. No Scripture has been translated nor are Christian media materials available.

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Pray that God will give the Saharawis dreams that create a longing for their true homeland and for their Lord. Pray that Christ followers will find open doors to present the True life-giving God.

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