Daily Topic for December 24, 2012

Luke 2:17
When they (the shepherds) had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child.

In this Christmas season let’s remember that the real impact of this holiday should be a new commitment to Christ’s mission. In the incarnation God crossed the barrier between Himself and man to show His love, truth, and grace. He now calls us to cross today’s barriers of culture, language, caste, religion, and prejudices to share Christ with a hungry and dying world.

Pray that the Father will deliver us from the temptation to celebrate Christmas with a selfish heart. As He gave Himself to us, pray that we will now give ourselves to the unreached peoples.

Romani Gypsies in Algeria

by CL

“Oh, I am so sorry that Allah gave you such an ugly baby,” Dika told her friend. “Yes, very, very ugly,” Lala agree. Simza smiled and nodded. “Thank you. I think so too. I must have the world’s ugliest baby.” The three women laughed and Simza’s smile grew. Surely this would trick the bad fairies and ghosts that would pursue her baby if they became aware of her true beauty.

While the Gypsies of Algeria are not Muslims like the majority of the indigenous people, they have some strange and erroneous beliefs. They fear the activity of ghosts, lizards, and snakes. They are also fearful of the “evil eye,” a look that can bring back luck and cause harm. 

The Romani Gypsies have their own moral code of ethics, and they usually live in extended families. It is difficult for outsiders to penetrate this close-knit society. Therefore, most have either not heard the gospel or have been uninterested because it came to them from non-Gypsies.

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Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of the Romani Gypsies living in Algeria for the gospel. Pray for their hearts to be soft, fertile soil for the word to be planted and take root. Pray for members of this unreached people group in Algeria to receive the good news. Pray for them to then be passionate about taking the message of salvation back to their people everywhere in the world.

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