Daily Topic for December 21, 2012

Luke 2:10
Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

The word “people” here does not refer to the nations or the Gentiles. But it does refer to all elements of Jewish society in the Holy Land of that day. The good news was not for just one segment of the nation of Israel. The Pharisees thought the Messiah would reveal Himself primarily to them and their peers. Others thought He would be coming principally for their benefit. But the announcement of Christ’s birth was not made at the local synagogue, but to some lowly shepherds in a field. Jesus would later live and minister among sinners, publicans, and prostitutes, groups who were neglected by the religious people of the day.

Pray that the Lord will stir our hearts with the reminder that His good news is for all peoples.

Iraqi Arabs in Algeria

by CN

Despite what we said in the past two days, there are Arabs in Algeria that speak a form of Arabic that isn’t Berberized! In 2003, many Iraqi Arabs fled Iraq when U.S. forces came to oust Saddam Hussein from power. We call these Arabs the “Iraqi Diaspora.” They have settled in other countries as emigrants or refugees, including Algeria, where some 30,000 reside. Others live in Europe and the Western world. Because they originate in a part of the world where Arabic is not altered by Berber languages, their language is somewhat different than that of Algerian Arabs.

Since the early seventh century when Mohammed first preached the tenets of Islam to the Arabs, his successors have quickly spread the word of Allah far and wide. Wherever Arabs went, they brought Islam with them. Arabs have been the key missionaries for Islam for centuries. The historic link between Arabs and Islam is still very strong. With the exception of the few Iraqis who adhere to an ancient form of Christianity, Islam is a central part of their identity.

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Ask the Lord to call a people to share the love of Christ with the Iraqi Diaspora in Algeria and beyond. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them through dreams, visions, the JESUS Film, and through His Word.

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