Daily Topic for December 20, 2012

Luke 1:54-55
He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, even as He said to our fathers.

Mary praised God for giving her this baby, whom she recognized as a fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham. Jesus, son of David and son of Abraham, is the fulfillment and the foundation of God’s heart desire to bestow blessing after blessing. Though God had seen Israel stray far from obeying Him, He once again in great mercy and compassion, was drawing the nation back to Himself because of His covenant with Abraham. And this was not only for Israel’s sake, but also for all nations that were to be blessed through Abraham, including the Arab peoples who are obliquely part of the covenant. The people of God in every age are confronted with a choice: will we give or hoard what we’ve freely received?

Pray that we will use the blessings of the Lord to bless the nations.

Moroccan Arabs in Algeria

by CN

“Did that movie accurately portray the Arabs?” commented someone in the congregation after a missionary showed a film about Arabs. The missionary answered, “I assume you’re referring to those white-robed Bedouins riding their camels across the desert. That is what usually comes to mind when we hear the word Arab,’ yet it does not show the total picture.” “Then what is it that makes someone an Arab?” asked another in the congregation. The missionary answered, “There are two very essential elements. For one, they must identify with being Arab, and secondly they must speak Arabic. In the case of Arabs from either Morocco or Algeria, the forms of Arabic have a lot of borrowed words from Berber languages. To make things more complicated, the Berberized forms of Arabic are different in Algeria and Morocco.”

The missionary continued, Most Arabs are Muslim, though there are many Christians among them in places like Israel, Syria, and Lebanon. However, there are very few followers of Christ among Arabs in either Morocco or Algeria.”

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Ask the lord of the harvest to break down the barriers that keeps Moroccan Arabs in Algeria from Jesus. Pray that more Christian resources would be made available in the Arab dialects of Morocco and Algeria. Pray for Arabs who follow Christ to reach out to the Arabs of both Morocco and Algeria.

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