Daily Topic for December 19, 2012

Luke 1:32, 33
The Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David, and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; His kingdom will never end.

What would you think if an angel told you what your child would become? It happened to Mary. These words are fulfillment of Nathan’s prophecy to King David that his dynasty would rule forever and also a fulfillment of the promise given to Abraham that kings would come from his lineage. And this son of David was surely one through whom the everlasting covenant established with Abraham would bring blessing to all nations.

Pray that the Lord will rule more fully over us that we might better declare His praise to the nations who do not know His great Name.

Algerian Arabs

by CN

“A long time ago we were Berbers,” said the old Algerian Arab to his grandson. “What happened Grandfather?” the boy asked with a puzzled look on his face. The old man answered, “Back in the seventh century Arab invasions displaced many non-Islamic Berber tribes. Then in the 11th century mass immigrations of Arab Bedouins started taking our land, and we fled. Some fled into the desert, but many remained and became Arabized.’ We learned the Arabic language and embraced Islam. Before that time we were mostly Christians.”

Though Algeria has Arabic as it’s main language, it is a Berberized form of Arabic that most Algerian Arabs speak. The Arabs in countries like Algeria and Morocco where Berbers are prominent differ in culture and dialect than the Arabs where Arabic was first spoken, the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, anyone who wanted to share the gospel with the Arabs of Algeria would probably need to understand their cultural and linguistic nuances and not expect them to be like Arabs elsewhere. Their identity is not in being Arab, and many of them know that their Berber ancestors were Christians at one time. The Berber influence on Algeria’s Arabs give them less of an identity in the Arab’s religion, Islam.

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Pray for culturally sensitive ambassadors of Christ to go to the Arabs of Algeria and share with them the savior that was worshipped by some of their ancestors.

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