Daily Topic for December 12, 2012

Luke 2:8
There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them.

Again we can see God’s focus on the insignificant and weak people of society. God determined to first send His angels to these humble shepherds in the fields rather than to reveal His glory to the proud religious leaders in the Temple. Likewise, today we are reading about efforts to reach women for Christ in Muslim cultures where women have little power or status. Could it be that the women of the Muslim world will be the first to embrace the One who loves all of us equally?

Pray that we will never see anyone as being to insignificant to hear the gospel. Pray for the Lord to speed the day when women in Muslim cultures will turn their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Work Among Muslim Women

by JS

Where are Muslim women? They aren’t just overseas anymore; they are also in our neighborhoods, at the grocery store, or at the PTA meeting. We are often conflicted when we see them. We hear that they are oppressed, and we see the veil as a Muslim’s woman’s warning for us to keep our distance, so we often pick up the pace to pass her by. She is simply doing her best to be a good Muslim woman with her deep devotion to Islam’s modesty code.

God has made Muslims our neighbors so that they can find Christ, and the prescribed boundaries in their culture demand that mainly women reach them with the message of Christ. Along with honor and modesty, another hallmark of Islam is hospitality. To befriend a Muslim woman, you must be genuine with her. Listen to her and learn about her culture. If she invites you to her home, accept her invitation and ask her the appropriate way to interact with others in her family, particularly men. If she sees that your life validates your word, then Christ will do the work through you. In a Fuller Seminary survey, 750 Muslim converts shared what first attracted them to Christianity, and the first rated answer was the lifestyle of those who follow Christ.

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Pray to have a right heart attitude toward Muslim women. Pray for Muslim women to find their true identity in Christ. Pray for them to give Him their undivided loyalty.

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